tinaAccomplished singer/songwriter, entertainment mogul, and half  of  gospel super duo Mary Mary, Tina Campbell is choosing to speak life over our nation.

Last year the sister duo released  a the moving single “Back To You”  for the Ben Hur movie. It was the first original Mary Mary song since their chart topping 2012 Columbia Records album, Go Get It. Tina had been on the road with her husband for a deep introspective evening of music and prayer   with the show “An Evening with Teddy and Tina Campbell,”. Erica landed a radio show. The sisters have been anything but quiet.

Late this afternoon, Tina posted  a heartfelt letter  revealing  her  sincerest thoughts and hopes for our nation  crushed and paralyzed by fear.

Tina writes:

I believe that understanding and compassion is absolutely necessary for the progress of all people. So, although I don’t always understand or agree with Mr. Donald Trump’s politics, perspective, and approach, I believe that the same God that created all of us has deposited greatness inside of him that goes far beyond what many of us have seen and what many of us could imagine. I believe that God can do exceeding abundantly above all that we can ask or think, according to the power that works in us. I believe that the power that works in us is our ability to love, and unify, and humble ourselves, and forgive, and hope, and pray, and educate ourselves, and apply wisdom and hard work to knowledge. I choose to believe that that same power that comes from Almighty God is at work in Mr. Donald Trump, and it will be used for the greater good of this nation and its people. 

Last year, Tina won her first solo award  for a project that was full of   self awareness, spiritual food.  ‘It’s Personal’ was just that. Personal. She knows quiet a bit about forgiveness, prayer and journey and is asking our nation to reflect on the same by making a plea for prayer.

She says:

I believe that the constituency of this nation should pray more for our leaders, and complain less about them. I believe that with God all things are possible, and without Him we are left with uncertainty, plagued with impossibilities, and ultimately destined for devastation.

You can read the letter in its entirety on her website.

One response to “Mary Mary’s Tina Campbell: ‘I Refuse To Speak Death Over This Nation’”

  1. Latonia Weathers Avatar
    Latonia Weathers

    I choose to completely disagree with you…I have a mandate from GOD to pray for my leaders…which I do…but to agree with him when what he says and does is adverse to the word of GOD…will never happen…I will pray as i did this morning that 45 will pray and get guidance and counsel from GOD and listen to and follow GODs guidance and will…and for GOD to lead me into his will as well…but never will I follow 45 in his own will that is adverse with the will of GOD…that is your choice Tina…and as much as I admire your music…that is where it stops…I will not forward your letter because I think it is misleading and will have people blindly following 45 to their detriment……

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