gardeNAlthough winter is still in full swing, that doesn’t mean you have to limit your gardening to warm weather months. On behalf of Burpee Home Gardens, a collection of leading garden vegetables, herbs and flowers, I’d love to share some tips for tending an indoor garden. We’d love if you’d consider sharing some of Burpee’s tips for how to maximize your gardening potential in the winter months.


  1. Care for your houseplants

There are several indoor houseplants that flourish well in an indoor garden, including foliage plants like Aloe, English Ivy, Dracaena or Croton. Seasonal flowers like Amaryllis, Poinsettia or Christmas Cactus make for great décor. Keep a watchful eye on these plants and look out for low light and humidity. Move plants to the brightest windows in the home and water plants thoroughly. Grouping plants together and washing dust off leaves also helps them live longer.


  1. Grow edible herbs

Potted herbs are a great and easy way to have an indoor garden and spice up your favorite dishes and cocktails. Plant parsley, rosemary or sage in a small pot near a sunny window light. Don’t worry if these herbs seem to be growing slowly- once they start to grow they will take off quickly indoors. Basil is another great option if you have a south-facing window for maximum light and warmth.


  1. Enjoy your outdoor space from the comfort of your home

If you’d rather enjoy your outdoor garden from the safety and warmth of your home, enjoy the winter color of plants like evergreens and grasses. Some plants like hydrangea and coneflower become even more interesting in the winter, as well as woody plants and perennials, which develop an interesting pattern in the winter months.

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