nurseryBeing a new expectant mom can be scary and frustrating. Here are a few products that can help you through this new exciting time.

  • The Baby Booster

Getting the right nutrition while you are literally working to feed a baby 24/7 is hard! The Baby Booster is an amazing option for moms looking for that vital protein ( it is packed with 20 grams of non GMO protein and all of the essentials vitamins) needed for keeping up with babies needs. The Baby Booster is available in four delicious flavors: Kona Mocha, Tahitian Vanilla, Pina Colada, and Superfruit Punch. Each of these special shakes all contain DHA, which is a great way for your infant to receive extra nutrients! Unlike many other products for pregnant women and their baby, Baby Booster eliminates soy, preservatives, artificial sweeteners and gluten from their ingredients, ensuring you feel healthy, comfortable, excited and happy in every facet of your pregnancy and life!

Cozy Cocoon

  • Cozy Cocoon’s revolutionary Super Easy Swaddling™ design allows moms and dads to swaddle babies quickly, easily and perfectly every time! We all know that swaddling soothes babies into slumber, helps them sleep more deeply, makes breastfeeding easier, and calms little ones while they’re awake … but traditional swaddling is not easy! Patent-pending Cozy Cocoon® is way easier than traditional swaddling … and it’s a whole lot cuter, too! Cozy Cocoon®combines fashion with function.
  • Mommy Steps

A lot happens to your feet in 9 months! During pregnancy it’s common for women to experience foot problems that in some cases they have never experienced before. Natural weight gain and edema (swelling of feet) puts added pressure on the knees and ankles,which can lead to heel pain, arch pain and ball-of-foot pain, traveling up to also create knee and back pain. MommySteps Maternity Insoles are biomechanically designed to help alleviate these common foot problems before the start.

  • Milkmaid Goods Nursing Poncho

Created by two moms on a mission to bring beauty to motherhood, Milkmaid Goods offers amazing Nursing Ponchos so moms can breastfeed in style and with confidence in public without the worry of being exposed. This unique and fashionable design cover both the front and back of the Poncho, creating a comfortable nursing environment for both you and your little one! In addition, the ponchos can double as a car seat cover, to create the perfect naptime setting for your baby whether you’re running errands or taking a peaceful stroll through the park. All of Milkmaid’s ponchos and covers are made of a stretchy, breathable, lightweight fabric for full comfort and protection. Try out the ‘Ruby Starlet’ Nursing Poncho for a fun new look for you and your baby to rock this upcoming spring season!

  • Mommy’s Watches

If you’re a breastfeeding mom you’ve probably heard the phrase, “When in doubt, toss it out!” Now with Mommy’s Watches never throw away milk again. This mom invented gadget takes all the guesswork out of breastfeeding and helps save tons of money and time. Mommy’s Watches is a unique, innovative device that gives parents a quick and easy way to keep track of the time and temperature of breast milk bottles and bags. Mommy’s Watches gives moms peace of mind knowing their baby is getting safe meals each and every time. Mommy’s Watches is a timer which counts down faster at room temperature and slower at refrigerator temperatures while accounting for the safety guidelines. It self-adjusts the expiration time based on the temperature that is exposed to. This reusable product is perfect for any new mom, ensuring you’re not throwing out your baby’s milk too soon or feeding them spoiled milk!

  • Rest Rite Sleep Positioner

Pregnancy is a full-time job that can leave any woman feeling exhausted and drained, making a good night’s sleep even more important. Rest Rite‘s  Sleep Positioner provides the comfort moms need to assure they get a good nights’ rest. Unlike pregnancy pillows, the Rest Rite Sleep Positioner doesn’t shift during the night or works its way out from under the back as sleep pillows often do.  The comfortable sleep positioner is made of flexible plastic that attaches directly onto the back with a residue-free, medical-grade adhesive. Rest Rite then acts as a “bubble” that gently encourages the user to stay off their back throughout the night, keeping pregnant women on their side in one of the best, healthiest positions to sleep.

  • Waterpura

Keep her bundle of joy fresh and clean with WaterPurathe only American-made, chemical-free baby wipes on the market. After realizing the excessive amounts of chemicals found in baby wipes, founder Emily Frazer wanted to create a natural baby wipe that was made with safe and skin-friendly ingredients for her baby. These delicately crafted baby wipes, are soft, strong, contain zero fragrances/oils and are designed to prevent skin irritation. You’ll be surprised how much the mom-to-be in your life will cherish this simple, yet effective gift.

  • Abiie Beyond Junior Y High Chair

It’s time to take a step up from the traditional high chair to the Abiie Beyond Junior Y High Chair. Carefully crafted, this high chair can transform in less than 20 seconds from a chair that fits a 6-month old infant into one that can complement a grown adult! The revolutionary Abiie High Chair is perfect for parents looking for a high-quality product at an affordable price. With safety being a top priority, the Abiie High Chair is toxin-free and equipped with a dual restraint system. Adjust for a 5-point harness or 3-point harness, always keeping babies safely snug and protected. Recipient of Mom’s Best Award, 2014 Creative Child Award and NAPPA 2015, Abiie is designed to grow with any child ensuring that every new parent is happy and confident that their newborn is safe in their seat.










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