Gospel Artist Henry Hall and New DimensionEncourage Listeners to make their single-“You Were There”A Personal Prayer

screen-shot-2017-03-05-at-10-06-18-pmDo you have a personal prayer, which gives you comfort in knowing that Jesus Christ is always there? For Gospel artist, Henry Hall and New Dimension, their personal prayers have given them comfort during challenging times and throughout life.

The group’s leader, Henry Hall decided to share his personal prayer with others, when he penned their radio single, “You Were There”.  It was Henry’s hope, that listeners would take on “You Were There” as a personal daily prayer and musical reminder of who God is in this world.

“You Were There” is a strong and sincere prayer and ballad which gives honor and gratitude to God.  This powerful ballad speaks directly to who God is and has been in the lives of his people.

Listen and make this your daily prayer:

“You were there for me, when friends couldn’t be….Held me when I cried, You were always there…”  are just a few of the lyrics authentically sung by Henry Hall and New Dimension.

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