With a decade of operating two theaters, producing and premiering a brand new show every other year and designing each production to travel between Lancaster and Branson, they have been slowly honing their craft of taking stories from the pages of Scripture and bringing them to life on stage.

What began with a dairy farmer, his wife, a few slide projectors, a passion for creativity and a desire to serve God, grew into the Sight & Sound Theatres we know today—the nation’s largest organization of its kind, and one of the top three theater destinations in the country. We are humbled by this success and grateful to remain a family-owned business, led by the next generation of the Eshelman family with a passionately committed team of 600 employees.

Tonight, creative force, Josh Enck announced an amazing undertaking. Josh Enck joined Sight & Sound Theatres some 20 years ago as a stagehand with a strong belief in the power of story.

Josh told an excited crowd that the next production will be ‘Jesus‘.

“I will tell you that we have been doing this for 41 years here at Sound & Sound we have always been telling the story of Jesus.In Moses he was the fulfillment of the law. He was the Passover lamb. In Jonah he isthe great missionary. In Noah’s Ark he was the Ark of safety. We;ve always been telling the story of jesus.

He pointed to the larger than life moniker and joyfully pronounced. Watch the new teaser trailer:


‘But this portrayal is going to depict the 33 and 1/2 years where the son of God became man on this Earth and it is sonething that we are incredibly  hopeful.’

Josh hopes to bring the reality of Jesus to life. Josh revealed that it isa three-year case study that he immersed into to make it the best production ever. They used the London orchestra to record the soundtrack.

Josh says, ‘It’s when spectacle meets story. ‘

Josh has  headed five epic shows and is at work on his sixth. His most recent, Moses, debuted in Lancaster County, PA, in 2014 and premieres in Branson this year. Josh heads a team of more than 600 multi-talented employees. With his lifelong passion for the screen, Josh partnered with NCP, the nation’s leading multi-camera HD mobile team, to capture each new Sight & Sound Theatres’ live show on high-def DVD.

The new show is  scheduled for Spring 2018.

Priscilia Shirrer was a gracious host to help with the announcement at the Lancaster Theater.


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  1. I cant wait! I think “Jesus” will be the biggest production yet at Sight & Sound.

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