Last year when I started this I had no idea how deeply affective and received it would be to celebrate christian women. March celebrates women. It seems Christian women are the least celebrated  women. I also believe the one day that the world proclaims it on March 8 is not enough.  We are tough. We work hard. We birth and build the kingdom.

This is why I have chosen to announce it on a Friday evening.

I wanted you to digest it all. I also wanted you to spend a weekend getting acquainted with these women I consider to be stellar examples of the modern Christian woman.

I chose these five women, like I chose last year’s five women. They embody what it means to live in this crazy world and still be a follower and live ‘The Way’ out loud in beauty, grace and honesty.

These women change the faith game! These women are not the elders of our community, but the workers in our community who really carry on and bare the fruit of His gifts.

This year we should celebrate:

Crystal Smith

You may not know here, but you know her work! She is the founder of I have had the blessing of her support from my early days at Elev8. She was a great sounding  board, promoter and sister friend. I have found as tons of inspiration on her page.

She has worked in Business and Entertainment for the past 22 years via the Auto Industry, Music, Television, Media, Marketing and Ministry. Oh did I happen to mention she is the mother of four children? Crystal excels joyfully and masters faith and all carefully.

I am overjoyed to add her to this list!

She is a joy of life to behold.

Dominique  Haddon

Being a first lady is hard. Being a mother of three children is hard. Add in being the wife of a superstar actor, producer and television exec and you are full on busy. Dominique has taken the bull by the horns and is showing women you can do it all. Follow her on Instagram and you will be inspired by her words of wisdom.

We watched her liver her truth out loud on The Preachers of L.A. That took guts. She now stands as first lady of Hill City with dedication, loyalty, service and wisdom.

She fully reminds us that we are  and should be active in the community, live faithfully in love and forgive.

Her motto says it all: ‘Never be afraid of who God has designed you to be! Be excellent and be great! You deserve it!’

Lauren Daigle

The 25-year-old contemporary Christian artist was nominated for the first time last year for her 2015 debut album, How Can It Be, which was the No. 1 Christian Artist on Billboard’s 2016 year-end chart.  When you are this young and can embrace Christ in your life in a living way you win. Lauren is showing that you can live ‘Christ out loud’ and not be ashamed. She champions joy and hope, telling Billboard, ‘I don’t want the outside world to think is like, “These people are judgmental,” or “They think they know better than we do.” My desire is for everyone to know that there’s just hope and love for every person on this planet.’

To be so young and on the mark is amazing!

Brooke Poston

Don’t know who Brooke is? You should, Brooke is an honest blogger who is speaking, living and delivering on living a life for God. I personally am  inspired by her. She has made me up my game!  She brings honesty, love and humor to life and reminds you that you don’t have to be a stick in the mud to love God! I love her truth! I agree with her message! She posted on her page:

Modest defined: having or showing regard for the decencies of behavior, speech, dress, etc.; decent: Modesty is something I hold so dear to my heart. I love fashion, I love showing others how to be fashionable and trendy, all while staying modest. But despite thinking that modesty is only in dress, we believe that modesty is a lifestyle. It’s a way to live and a rule to abide by, in speech and behavior.
In all things- live life modestly.

Who can’t get behind that?  I say bravo for her honesty about Disney and everything else.

Hallie Lord

She tells ‘real stories, real struggles, and best of all, real faith and trust in God.’

I have tuned in to her Sirius radio show on a regular basis and  I cannot say enough about her.

Don’t have Sirius?

That’s okay it’s on podcast now. She has-written two books that I think every woman should have in her possession. She takes you through fighting fear with ‘On the Other Side of Fear: How I Found Peace’. In it she faces the every challenging question we have all asked.“Does God truly love me?” The other book is ‘Style, Sex, and Substance’.  Her constant unspoken  motto encourages us: It is real talk, real stories, real struggles, and best of all, real faith and trust that God. 

These women have made me proud! May God continue to smile down on them and bring blessings to all who encounter them in their walk.

Don’t forget to take a look at the women who ‘changed the game’ last year here. It’s important that you know those women too!

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