We are all aware of the health benefits of using vegan products, but did you ever stop to think about what vegan products can do for your hair? From shampoo to styling products, some of your favorite brands may be guilty of not only using animal products, but also testing on animals. ColorProof, a complete line of professional luxury products, is proud to provide 100% vegan products with biodegradable formulas that are never tested on animals.

The unique process in which ColorProof creates their formulas stems from deep innovative technology that fuses a mix of certified organic botanicals with anti-aging ingredients, a blend of  superior proteins, and  7 sulfate/ salt free surfactants. As a result, ColorProof leaves your hair looking flawless, using ingredients that are not only good for your locks but that are also sustainable to the earth.

They’ve specifically designed products for all hair types with such collections as the SignatureBlonde Collection for blondes, TruCurl for curly hair, SuperPlump for finer hair, and SuperRich for coarse hair. In addition, each product is gluten free, and carcinogen-free, making ColorProof one of the most environmentally friendly brands on the market.

Take a look and see what matches you:

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