Summary: Worlds collide when a powerful trio target Mayor Johnson and Jabari(J.D. Williams). The detectives’ clues about Dead Debra lead them right back to where they started, Greater Hope Baptist Church.


Tonight’s episode is about facing a fallen world and resetting with good choices.

Planning for the best is what we should do.  We have to embrace the hand dealt us and make it into something. We cannot ever let a title placed on use the end of us. Jbari faced  that head on. He may not be the great upstanding individual we would expect him to be but, his character is teaching a valuable lesson. Christy(Jasmine Burke) put her fleshly worth before her Godly call.

Do not look at the condition of the world and judge God by what we see because He is not in charge of the world…we are! If you are dissatisfied with what you see around you, ask yourself if you are walking in all the revelation of God’s Blessing that’s available. This is important because we will often limit our view of the will of God based upon our particular experience or circumstances and thereby limit our ability to receive His goodness because we cannot receive what we fail to believe.

As the people of God, we absolutely cannot afford to deny the willingness of God to bless us in every area of our lives.

Regardless of where you may be struggling, you can rise above that and experience victory!

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