Summary: Christie faces blackmail as she prepares for her wedding. Elsewhere, Rex reverts to his old ways of doing business.


Life changes you must accept it. Mayor Ella Johnson, Christie Johnson, Kendrick Murphy and Jabari Morris are perfect examples of the fact that. Mayor Ella was had to deal with the struggle of a staff that didn’t want to obey her. She was no longer in her church element. Christie has to deal with being a stepmother. Kendrick and Jabari both had to deal with being an outsider to their former leader.

For most of us change comes in a simpler form. For all of them they have to deal by using these simple

1-Face your feelings about the change, especially when the change is imposed and beyond your control. Get past “Why me?” “But I don’t want to!” and “It isn’t fair!” Figure out what your fears or worries are. That takes work. You don’t have to be a victim, even when you are not in control of the change. Write about your feelings.

2-Figure out when to accept and when to reject the change.Have you heard the serenity prayer? (Go ahead and click the link if you need to refresh your memory. The link will open in a new page so this page will still be here when you are done.) Reflect on what you are accepting, what you are rejecting, and what you are doing something about. You will be amazed at how effective your choices are.

This evening you could vividly see what happens when you struggle against change.


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