Never Trust a Stranger (Lonely Heart, Deadly Heart) delivers in every facet.

Lola and Joan  return with with their families and give you a handful!

Best friends Lola Poole and Joan Proctor-Riley have finally found the love and excitement they’ve always longed for. Online-dating an endless line of wealthy, no-strings-attached lovers is the perfect escape from their unfulfilling lives. And between Joan’s selfish husband and Lola’s hateful, demanding relatives, the hotter these ladies’ secret activities get, the more they crave—and the more reckless they become. Soon, they’re taking ever greater risks to pursue their desires…

When rugged trucker Calvin Ramsey comes into Lola’s sights, he’s a surprising answer to all her  prayers. He’s kind and responsible in his everyday life—and delivers sexual healing like she’s never known. What Lola doesn’t know is that Calvin loves women to death—literally. And every caring moment and seductive promise this killer gives her draws both Lola and Joan deeper into his inescapable, fatal fantasy…

Well folks this is the read of the spring! I am not just saying this as a footnote. I am saying this because it was a wonderful read. Mary’s  character’s development as they work through life experiences is refreshing.  Lola and Joan have evolved into your best friends and feel much more relatable in this installment. I am not sure why that it is. It could be because as you read you are getting more personality traits.

In any event his book is fantastic!!! I can’t wait until another sequel comes out!

The book is available everywhere! Go get it!


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