If you are anything like me you love laundry that smells great for a long time.

Well, I found the perfect product! It is called Snuggle Plus SuperFresh. The first and only fabric conditioner brand to offer odor eliminating technology.

So far I have found out it:
  • Odor fighting ingredients
  • Designed to block tough odor
  • Strongest, long-lasting freshness
  • Static control
  • Snuggle softness and long-lasting freshness plus odor eliminating technology
  • Helps capture and block tough odor
  • Releases a powerful fresh scent
  • Everfresh scent
  • 30 loads

It also has a partner with dryer sheets. It is well worth your energy and time to try. I have consistently used it for 6 watches and the scent kept.  The blouses and intimates I washed in it were truly softer.

Can you use it for baby things? Yes definitely. The smell is not overpowering and is very pleasant.

Can I use it for my sheets and not breakout? Well, as you know I have sensitive skin and I did not break out. Actually, they made my sheets feel smoother and softer.

I think this a keeper. If you are packing your child off to college, place this in the laundry box for them. You will be loved to death.  T

Overall I was pleasantly surprised and I would give it an A plus plus.



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