New Worship Artist Dante Bowe’s Solo Project”Son of A Father”-Debut

New Worship artist, Dante Bowe’s solo project, Son of A Father debuted at #5 on iTunes, on its release date, March 31st.

This anointed project, includes, Dante’s new single, “Potter and Friend”, featuring American Idol Alum, Jesse Cline.  Son of A Father is based on son-ship, identity and coming into the love of a Heavenly Father.  This most-anticipated project is produced by, Morey Jenkins JHA Music Group in North Carolina, Marlon Robertson-MDR Music Collective and Global Music and Arts Director at Free Chapel in Gainesville, Georgia and Tywan Mack.

All songs are written by, Dante Bowe, “Potter and Friend”  which has quickly caught the attention of worshipers, churches and media across the country.
“Potter and Friend” is a transparent musical picture and explanation of how God’s handiwork of grace works in our broken lives and makes us new again.

Son of A Father is an authentic and powerful musical dialogue between Dante and the heart of God.  The project opens up with the song, “How did you find me?”,a transparent and fluid question, musically directed to God from Dante, acknowledging God as the one who found us, despite our shortcomings.

The project continues with the song, “Let my heart dance”, a vibrant and electric dance song, declaring freedom in Christ and allowing our hearts to dance and rejoice in, no longer being bound. This song is a great mixture of live instruments and music tracks, which will keep your feet and heart moving.

Dante’s writing skills are highlighted on, “You’re beautiful”, a direct admiration for God and how He loves us unconditionally. Dante lyrically breaks down, how God has shown his love and why He is beautiful to us. Live piano and organ lay the musical foundation for this well-produced track, along with Dante’s solid and powerful vocals.

“Love Made Me” answers the question, “How do you describe Love?”. Well, Dante describes Love as what found him, made him, lifted him from the valley, carried him to his destiny and changed all that was wrong. This song begins mellow and progresses to a high energy and melodic love anthem to God, echoing the theme, “Love made all things new”.

Many of us, have had midnight experiences and prayed for God to change our situations. The song, “In the Morning” gives the comfort we need, knowing that God will make everything alright. This guitar driven and biblical based song will keep the listeners encouraged.

“Live In You” and “Free Falling” are both love songs of adoration to God. “Live In You” spells out, why no one compares to God’s power and love. This song instantly grabs you, with Dante’s vocals resonating throughout and laced with balanced chords and strings.  In “Free Falling” Dante confesses how smitten he is with Jesus and continues his open musical letter, asking the Lord, what more can he do, to remain in his presence. Dante’s lyrical ability comes forth in “Free Falling” as he describes all the ways, he can remain connected to the Father.

Half way through the project, the songs, “Take me to the River” and “Home”, take the stage as clarion calls, asking all to be closer to God. “Take Me to the River” includes live piano and a vocal invitation to be healed and delivered by Jesus Christ in the River of Life.  “Home”, grabs you with Dante’s voice, a beautiful guitar and string melody, asking all to come home and find, peace, life and rest in God arms.

The project rounds out with the songs, “Cast my cares” and “It’s a fire”.
“Cast my cares” a mid-tempo ballad is a gentle reminder of Jesus Christ’ unfailing love and proven track record. “It’s a fire” declares that God is a consuming fire, as we ask more of him, He will take what’s old and and make it new.

“Darlin” closes out this phenomenal project in love, with a little twist from the previous songs as Dante serenades his fiance’ and speaks of her beauty, presence and his love and loyalty to her.

With an authentic heart for God, Dante Bowe is committed to ushering everyone into the presence of God through song and intimate encounters with God.  His call to ministries around the world, has given him a profound and unique perspective on God’s global reach of grace, mercy and love.

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