This is holy Week. It is the week in which we meditate on the greatness, mercy and divine love of our Savior. For most of us we  would have kicked off  this great week with Palm Sunday dinner and prayer reflection.

The Manns starring David Mann and Tamela Mann comes on Tuesday night at 8 p.m. ETon TVone. The show is great way to focus on familyand enjoy wholesome entertainment.

# 1 David andTamela Mann live Christ out loud. As parents, we get to be the voice reminding teens that pleasing Christ is better than pleasing self. Living with an eternal perspective can help them see that the joy of living forever in God’s presence far outweighs the momentary satisfaction of getting their own way.

#2 Offer your heart to Christ. David and Tamela are not afraid to show that they are living their lives in offertory and prayer to the Lord.  You must get your own heart right with Christ before you can lead your adult kids back to Him, since you can’t lead your kids in a direction that you’re not going yourself. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be perfect; you simply have to make your relationship with Christ your top priority and keep growing closer to Him.

#3 Turn your heart toward your kids. Ask God to give you a compassionate heart toward your adult children so you can relate to them without judging and criticizing them. Recognize that your kids are being attacked every day by evil forces in the spiritual realm who want to keep your kids away from Christ.

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