Adding more depth to your spiritual life is an intentional step that will draw you closer to God. To enter into a deeper place you need o do the following.

“Recognizing your spiritual identity.”

Knowing who you are in the spirit is important to your spiritual depth. God wants to give you revelation for the destiny and calling He has for your life. The blueprint for this path can only be accessed in the spirit and understanding our identity in Christ.

“Arm yourself with God’s word.”

Our inner life must be governed by the word of God. The Bible acts as a spiritual sword, cutting away false ideas and harmful things of this world that try to attach themselves to our life.

“Maintaining inner joy and peace.”

The spirit of God in you responds to righteousness, joy and peace. When these states are active in your life it creates an ease of entering into the spiritual life and deepening your walk with God. Fight for your peace and demand your joy.


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