Preppers try to be prepared. They are the survivalists among us. They have stockpiled everything necessary to survive all the possible eventualities in an unknown future. They are always attuned so they can add to their preparation for surviving catastrophe, whether personal, in the country, or in the world. One thing some people are taking a look at these days is putting their money into diamonds, and for good reason.

“Many people know that diamonds have been around as a store of wealth and financial currency since the first human settlements, and no matter what happens, they will continue be around serving that same purpose,” explains Sean Cohen, president of Van Zwam, the developer of Defined Value Diamonds (DVDs). “Diamonds have always been a crucial wealth storage and investment tool and will continue to be one, as long as humans exist and interact. They are also incredibly easy and simple to pass on through the generations. You simply give them to who you wish.”

While diamonds may not be the answer to every conceivable situation, here are some things that people should know about investing in diamonds:

  • Diamonds are tangible and extremely compact, so nobody has to worry about trying to make it to a bank, safe deposit box, or investor’s office to be able to cash in on their investment. Diamonds are something so compact that almost any amount of value can be held in your hands, stored away anywhere safe, even on your person, while being easily and discretely traded or cashed in during a time of need.
  • Diamond investing is private, unlike other forms of investing choices that people have. Many people want to maintain their privacy, and this form of investing is ideal for that. They don’t have to worry about leaving a paper trail for people to keep tabs on where they are putting their money and what they have.
  • It’s important to invest in something that has stood the test of time, been a store of wealth before mechanized civilization, and will last. Being the hardest natural substance on earth, diamonds are not only coveted, they are virtually impossible to destroy. They are an ideal match when it comes to making an easily transportable, untraceable, tradable, and discrete off-the-grid investment.
  • They are also an affordable investment opportunity that doesn’t require a large investment. Most people can afford to invest in diamonds, and it is an investment system that is easy to understand.
  • They have a long history of steady value growth, can be enjoyed and are ideal gifts for spouses and the next generation.

“Some people may feel that those who are wise enough to be prepared are planning for something that may not happen. We can’t predict every eventuality, but we can plan as well as possible for as many as we can foresee. I always say if one day you need a gun and don’t have one, odds are at that time you won’t be able to get one. Being prepared is just smart,” added Cohen. “The good news is that some of us are looking ahead, preparing, and feel comfortable because we have taken safety and security measures. Having a transportable discreet tangible asset is one layer of security that just makes good sense.”

The Defined Value Diamonds (DVD) program makes it possible for most people to afford to invest in diamonds, offering individual diamond discs that range from $1,000 to $150,000. Each DVD disc holds high quality investment-grade diamonds that have been set in an elegant lightweight stainless steel and glass display disc. Each DVD diamond is GIA-certified, always triple excellent cut grade and comes with a grading report identifying its value characteristics and its Gemprint ID, the unique fingerprint for that diamond.

All DVD diamonds are inspected to meet a tighter set of tolerances than the GIA standards. The diamonds have each been hand-selected to ensure they are of the size and quality most global demand, for good liquidity and value growth. The prices for the diamonds in each DVD disc are the same as the global polished trade price (PTP) the same price top-end retailer’s pay for their diamonds at wholesale, which is up to 60 percent less than the price that would be paid for the same diamonds set in jewelry. For more information on the Defined Value Diamonds asset, visit their site at:

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