New Book Illustrates Simple Ways to Avoid Retirement Mistakes

“Retire Abundantly,” a new book co-authored by Michael R. Kura, RFP, offers retired business owners, executives, and professionals wisdom, advice and principles on how to reduce income taxes and estate taxes to create a greater lifestyle and legacy.

More than 44 million Americans over age 65 are facing stiff challenges to retire and stay retired.

“Accumulating one million dollars is a rare feat, accomplished by only three percent of Americans. Many don’t understand that the principles to successfully preserve, protect and pass on wealth are different than the principles to accumulate wealth,” said Kura.

The new book educates and equips retirees against the little-known mistakes and costly missteps that can derail their lifestyle in retirement.

Kura continues, “The three percent, whether they are business owners, executives or professionals, face a different set of obstacles than the average person. As a result of widely held myths about wealth, many are making some costly mistakes and are not even aware of it.”

For example, Kura says, running afoul of IRS retirement account rules can cost a bundle. The Wall Street Journal reported that “Uncle Sam is about to get a lot tougher on individual retirement account mistakes—and that could trip up investors who aren’t careful.”

The IRS levied over half a billion dollars in fines in just a two-year period for missed retirement plan withdrawals and contributions that break the rules.

The easy-to-read book is not laden with technical jargon. It begins by exposing how and why the retirement planning industry has left some retirees adrift, along with the myths that many have been led to believe. It also details the three major retirement mistakes that many are making.

A very helpful section follows detailing 12 of the biggest retirement obstacles.

The book concludes outlining the solutions, including an enlightening case study that illustrates the concepts detailed in the book. Another interesting and informative feature of the book is a set of real life stories of failure and success sprinkled throughout.

The book ends by showing readers how to take the next step in their own retirement lifestyle and wealth planning.

“It’s my desire to get this book into the hands of everyone who has accumulated wealth so they can more fully enjoy that wealth,” says Kura, “and more successfully preserve, protect and pass it on. That’s my mission.”

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