Earth Day 2017 was all about environmental and climate literacy, so what better way to celebrate it by teaching your youngsters about healthy cleanliness that doesn’t harm the environment with Hip PeasFree of harmful chemicals and irritants and dangerous ingredients for the earth, Hip Peas offer safe solutions for babies, children and sensitive adults. Your child will be eager to take baths with these great, go-to cleaning products for kids — they’ll shout for Hip Peas!


Hip Peas are also great gifts for Mother’s Day, so moms can enjoy tearless bath time with their little ones! Not only is Hip Peas completely safe for children and the environment, it also works wonders on skin and hair! Plus 10% of all profits go to child-focused charities.


Pick the right suds to scrub your kid’s skin and hair with Hip Peas:

  • Lather up during bath time with the Shampoo & Body Wash that moisturizes your little one’s skin and keeps their lovely locks clean and soft.
  • Soften and smooth with the Conditioner giving your kid’s hair a gentle touch while protecting their precious, little head all day long.
  • Wrangle the knots of any hair type with the Detangler, which increases shine and eliminates frizz — great for boys and girls.
  • Scrub a dub-dub with no fuss with Baby Bubble Bath, a non-toxic, hypoallergenic bubble bath that won’t irritate your little one’s sensitive skin or eyes.
  • Hydrate and moisten wee ones with Hip Peas Baby Lotion, a fast-absorbing lotion that pampers delicate skin and is mild enough for daily use.


Make bath time tear-free so your little darling can enjoy learning to be clean. Use Hip Peas products to work wonders on your tot’s skin and locks!

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