Looking for the latest to make your time in the kitchen more fun and easier?  I’ve rounded up three of my favorites kitchen tools that solve common kitchen problems with less fuss and mess.

#1 Replace that bulky food processorSurpahs V-Blade Mandoline Adjustable Slicer.

Surpahs 5 in 1, Mandoline V-Blade slicer will quickly become your favorite and most frequently used kitchen tool! Mandoline slicers take all the work out of slicing, shredding and grating. Use for vegetables, fruits, spices, even chocolates. This Mandoline has 5 stainless steel blades which are professional grade, and includes a hand guard and blade box. Their patented knob controlled slicer is German engineered and gives you precision control over slicing thickness. No need to swap out slicer blades to get the perfect thickness. Whether you’re slicing paper thin cucumbers or thick-cut fries, you’ll get consistent results with every slice! You’ll eat more vegetables when they’re easier to slice! This mandoline slicer requires no set up and very little cleanup. Simply run the slicer under warm water to clean. Lifetime Warranty.

#2 Slice and Dice and Make Pretty Decorative FoodSurpahs Swift Rotary Drum Grater, Shredder, Slicer

Tailored to the needs of even demanding chefs, this swift grater can be used to prepare food quickly and in various styles and forms. Users can shred or grate cheese, vegetable, chocolate and nuts, creating even slices, different cuts and decorative riffles. In addition, the grater function facilitates the preparation of raw vegetable salads and many other treats. Based on ergonomic considerations, the crank and the drum feature a safety mechanism while the suction base ensures stability. Lifetime Warranty.

#3 Cook More Flavorful Meat

Chicken piccata, yummy chicken fried steak anyone?  This tenderizer has a textured side for tenderize the meat and a pounding base to make meat thin. It’s penetrating piercing blades (20 needle pins) turn tough meat tender, reduces cooking times, and creates more juicy flavorful meat. Lifetime Warranty.

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