pixabayOf course, if you’re a mom, working outside of the home or not, you may feel out of balance most of the time! By now at least you know you’re not alone. And, as a recent post on Time.com shows us, men are beginning to openly join the struggle to balance family and career. It’s great to read about successful men discussing their attempts to have quality time with their children while working at demanding, high-pressured jobs.

But in today’s high speed, high pressure and high-stress world, it’s not just balance between work and family that’s hard to find. If you’re a “stay-at-home” mom, you very likely constantly struggle to find balance between the needs of your family and your own needs – for exercise, time to read or be alone, to visit with friends, even to take a long hot shower, and so on.

Women today are faced with an impossible juggling act, balancing work, children, taking care of the home, and a million other daily tasks that leave them feeling exhausted at the end of the day, with little room to think of much else—besides their to-do list, of course.  As a mother of nine, wife, daughter, sister, author, and entrepreneur, Karen Elaine Stewart knows all too well that women wear many “hats” and that, with each hat comes a different face—a different attitude.

In her new book, The Be-Attitudes: Women and the Many Faces We Wear, Stewart helps women to find their peace on the rollercoaster of emotions, struggles, frustrations, and hopelessness that many women face as they try to do it all.  Through the “attitudes” she teaches, her readers will find their balance point.

She attributes her ability to juggle her many roles to God, who not only taught her how to better honor him, but also enabled her to renew her thoughts, allowing her to begin the process of creating and exuding greater harmony in matrimony, motherhood, and womanhood.  With the guidance of God and the advice of Stewart, women can begin to find their balance point, and, with it, their happiness, enabling them to finally enjoy the wonderful life that they work to create for the rest of their family.

For anyone who is looking for freedom, balance, forgiveness, healing, transformation, and enrichment in all aspects of their lives, The Be-Attitudes provides a blueprint, narrated by a woman who has been there in the trenches of womanhood today, too.

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