Tips & Tools To Make Summer Travel Smooth Sailing For The Family

Author, mother, and wellness expert Kristy Rodriguez, author of the newly published book Pure Nurture: A Holistic Guide To A Healthy Baby:

This summer, more than 82 percent of Americans will take a family trip, according to annual Summer Travel Study conducted by Gas Buddy. But while travel and vacation can be fun for kids, studies have found that family travel can be stressful and exhausting for parents.

Family travel and vacation doesn’t have to be a stressful experience, says mom and wellness expert Kristy Rodriguez, author of the newly published book Pure Nurture: A Holistic Guide To A Healthy Baby.

In a guest post, Kristy can reveal to your audience how to go from stressful to smooth sailing when traveling with the family and kids this summer, which includes a roundup of inexpensive and easy to find self-care travel items the entire family can enjoy, including:

  • Self massage with a tennis ball or use a lacrosse ball-These can be used to massage your own back, neck, glutes, or hamstrings. Small. Easy to pack. Great while traveling and at your destination!
  • Essential Oils for relaxation and rejuvenation– Plug in a car diffuser and enjoy some uplifting, de-stressing or relaxing essential oils. Kristy reveals her top three essential oils perfect for travel.
  • Kid’s club is fun for everyone – Top three resorts/area destinations that cater to kids and give parents much needed alone time. 1. Omni Homestead Resort(Approx 4-hour drive from DC).  2. Great Wolf Lodge (Aprox 3-hour drive from DC) 3.All-inclusive resorts in and Caribbean (Mexico, Dominican Republic- low cost, direct flights- fight travel aprox. 3 hours)
  • Coloring Books Adult and kid varieties: They say coloring is the next best thing to meditation, so pack up some colored pencils and your favorite coloring books for you and the kids. Keeps everyone busy, especially on the plane and in the car. It’s relaxing and fun.
  • Pack your own travel snacks Nutrient-dense variety that both you and your kids will enjoy. Highway gas stations and airports are two of the most challenging places to find healthy snacks. Grab a small bag and pack your own- ones that will keep your blood sugar and mood stable as well as boosting your immune system, which is really  important if you’re traveling by plane.

Try these:

Mandarins/clementines come in their own packaging and are easy to peel- full of vitamin C.

Trail mix, filled with raisins, nuts and seeds- packed with protein to keep your blood sugar stable and fuller for longer.

Snack bars.

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