Saturday Night Family Friendly Movie Picks

This week’s  picks are filled with heart tuggers in documentary forms. I am a big fan of the Christian film platform PUREFLIX. It is Netflix for Christians and you should have a subscription. If you haven’t registered for an account, you should.

To Joey With Love

It followed Joey and Rory Feek’s heartbreaking story  as it unfurled in blog form.

Now there is a movie documentary Husband-and-wife singing duo Joey+Rory wanted more to life … so they chose less.
Experience the incredible true story of Joey and Rory Feek, intimately filmed by the couple over two and a half years. The documentary follows the Feeks from the birth of their daughter Indiana, born with Down Syndrome, through Joey’s struggle with and ultimate surrender to cancer – all amidst their never-ending hope in something far greater. God gave Joey+Rory a love story for the ages, one that is sure to inspire hope and faith in all who experience it.

Divorcing God

Our founding fathers intended religion and morality to be pillars of the new republic, providing the restraint that would allow maximum liberty for the citizenry. Today, this delicate balance of religion and state has been eroded by a secularist push to isolate Christianity in our culture and render it irrelevant.

As a people, we either return to our Christian roots… or we divorce God altogether.

Check the trailer below:

Happy viewing

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