This week’s Pureflix pick focuses  on one comedy and one thriller.

Here are my favorite two picks.

Holyman Undercover

An Amish man comes to Hollywood to be a missionary, and gets cast as Satan on a nighttime soap opera. Say goodbye to the farm and hello to stardom in this hilarious dream turned harsh reality.

David A.R. White delivers in every movie he is in. This is no different. It is a laugh out loud film. I will admit the movie can be a bit choppy at times.  The humor and the message  deliver a chuckle. It’s a bit campy when it describes Hollywood’s temptations, but  moves at a good pace. You can watch it with your teenagers.


The second pick is a thriller-romance that kept you on the edge of your seat.

Courageous Love

Shelby encounters romance and intrigue as he tries to save the family business that he recently inherited.

Corruption in a new building project threatens to shut down the company. While working under cover at the New York City branch office, he falls in love with the employee he came to investigate. Alex must choose between saving his company from impending collapse or following his heart.

I actually loved this movie. I would watch it again.



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