Six-Week Webinar Series, ‘When Your Husband is Same-Sex Attracted,’ On Horizon

Can a marriage really survive a husband’s same-sex attractions or infidelity?

In a unique, six-week webinar series starting Sunday, six married couples will share their first-hand experiences that have led them to happy, faithful and fulfilling marriages despite the husbands’ past or current feelings of same-sex attraction. The series is designed to give encouragement to and share solutions with couples in heterosexual marriages in which one of the partners experiences some degree of homosexuality (or so-called “mixed-orientation marriages”).

Called “When Your Husband Is Same-Sex Attracted: From Surviving to Thriving,” the webinar series starts July 30 at 8 p.m. U.S. Eastern time and continues for six successive Sunday evenings through Sept. 3. The cost is $90 for all six sessions, whether the couple attends jointly or only the wife or husband attends alone.

The program is hosted by the non-profit, interfaith fellowship called Brothers on a Road Less Traveled (“Brothers Road,” for short). Its international community is made up primarily of men from homosexual or bisexual backgrounds who, for their own personal, faith or family reasons, typically choose to not embrace a gay identity or engage in gay relationships.

Brothers Road is best known for running the experiential, personal-growth weekend intensive called Journey Into Manhood, which helps men explore some of the root issues that may be underlying their unwanted same-sex attractions. It also runs a companion program for wives of SSA men, called A Wife’s Healing Journey.

In fact, women who participate in the webinar series can apply 100 percent of their $90 webinar fee to the registration cost of attending the next Wife’s Healing Journey weekend intensive in Tennessee on Sept. 15 to 17.

To learn more or to register for the webinar series, visit To learn about A Wife’s Healing Journey or to register for the event, visit

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