Saturday Night Family Friendly Movie Picks: Thrillers For The Family

This week’s PureFlix picks are thrillers that the whole family can watch.

Clock Maker

Three kids discover a time machine in the apartment of the weird old man living upstairs and must go back in time after disrupting the time/space continuum by sending a computer repair manual back to the nineteenth century.

Henry, Devon and Mary Beth are totally creeped out by their eccentric neighbor, Mr. Markham, who has a large collection of clocks and a strange way of always knowing exactly what’s going on. When Mr. Markham drops his key one day, the kids decide to snoop in his apartment. It’s no surprise that they find tons of clocks inside, but these aren’t ordinary time pieces—they’re the gateway to the future! With a time machine now at their disposal, these three friends are about to embark on a crazy adventure they’ll never forget.

Mission Air

A routine mission trip turns explosive when bandits try to steal an airplane and shots are fired. Now the missionaries must navigate the kidnapping of their daughter as the bandits take revenge.

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