Sunday Spirit Lifter: Kirk Franklin ‘My World Needs You’

My world needs you right now
My world needs you right now
I can’t escape
Being afraid
Fill me with you right now
My world needs you right now

The world seems to be becoming more threatening – indeed more terrifying – for many of us.  On the one hand we tell ourselves that because of mass communication we are just aware of many more situations in which violence plays a major role.  But on the other hand, there simply seem to be more instances that affect me or my friends personally.

We are called to truly love one another.  Do we companion one another as we grow deeper and deeper in relationship with the living God?  How profoundly do we share?  How well do we listen?  Do we ask each other the really difficult and scary questions?  Do we hold still for the answers that are laced with raw pain and rage? Are we present for one another’s arduous ordeals?  Do we really stand with each other through our times of grief?

The community that centers itself in God, praying and learning together – the people who listen well to one another and offer real comfort and support – the group that discusses things with real vulnerability, leaving space for all its members to speak deeply from their hearts – those are churches that are a hope and joy before the Lord.  ‘

In reality we just need to remember to whom we belong. We need to order our lives and steps.  The protest in Boston was relatively peaceful. People gathered to hold on to each other in good name and good faith.

Kirk has written the words of wisdom we should reflect on.

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