Tina Campbell It’s Not ‘Too Hard Not To’ {EXCLUSIVE}

Tina Campbell is a the multiple award winning soloist, multi-Grammy® winning recording artist, author, WE tv original series star, and  web series star, who, with sister Erica is one-half of the iconic Gospel duo, Mary Mary.

Tina Campbell knows that being able to forgive and accepting forgiveness is a way to be true to who you are. I had a quick chat with Tina last week about truth and her single ‘Too Hard Not To.’ The original song is the lead single from It’s Still Personal

Orethapedia: What is this song really about at its core?
Tina Campbell:  If anyone has struggled with forgiveness than you can listen to this song and have someone who understands you and came through on the other side and you can too. Really this song is for anyone who feels like they don’t know how to let it go. We all have struggled with giving forgiveness and receiving forgiveness. We all have struggled with those hard moments in life.

Orethapedia: That’s something we all have to learn. Do you you think we just get comfortable just staying ‘stuck’. 
Tina: Yea. You have to learn to let go and relinquish that burden you are carrying. It will not serve you. It will not serve anyone you are with and it will not serve God. Our God is bigger that that. Our God is a powerful God. When I do my music it is really truthful.  I want to speak it in truth.

Orethapedia: Not to sound corny, but what is that truth to you?

Tina: I read my Word. I am  100% in my word.  I want to be about it with all my soul and all my heart.  The music I write is with the full on spirit of the Word.  When you are living in the word and you are listening To God, you can be true to Him and true to what you do. I want to be about it with all my soul and all my heart.

It’s always great to chat with Tina. She gives you the 100% unvarnished truth with no contrived preprogrammed speech. That’s what makes her music sincere.

Reflect on these lyrics:

It’s too hard to hold on to all of the pain/ And it’s too hard to relive it over and over again
It’s too hard when the memories have control over you/ Some say it’s too hard to forgive
I say it’s too hard not to/It’s too hard not to/ I say it’s too hard not to

Tina’s words speak volumes to you and to anyone in the real world. It is rare that you get an artist that tells you the truth and has no problem talking about prayer life, real life and spirit life.

Tina and I chatted about a few other things, but you will have to stay tuned for that. Take a look at the beautiful video below.

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