New Kids Bible Tells Stories Through Characters’ Eyes

How would David describe the giant from his own young perspective? A new storybook Bible from Lifetree/Group Publishing provides an illustrated collection of firsthand stories.

The Friends With God Story Bible: Why God Loves People Like Me offers 54 Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments told in first-person narratives. Each story highlights the emotions, truths, and examples of how each character’s friendship with God changed everything.

According to the Bible’s creators, kids and their parents will get a firsthand view of the many ways God chooses to work through people, and together they’ll discover that faith is really all about a one-on-one relationship with him.

Written by Jeff White and illustrated by David Harrington, the Friends With God Story Bible takes kids through the Bible using spectacular images and stories that bring the characters to life. The stories conclude with the Bible characters sharing an important truth from their lives and inviting readers to live that message out in their own lives.

As an enhanced feature of the Bible stories, augmented reality digital triggers provide access to the free Friends With God Bible App. Mobile games unlock different levels of collectible Bible character cards. Each of the virtual cards provides fun facts about the character as well as an opportunity for children to create cards of themselves.

Releasing alongside the Bible is the companion Friends With God Devotions for Kids. This devotion book follows the same 54 stories contained in the Bible, providing faith-building devotions that give kids a fresh, compelling look at God. The devotion book also includes kid-sized nuggets of relational advice that help kids build lasting relationships with others.

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