Pureflix.com Joins Forces with Major Homeschool Publisher

PureFlix.com, the leader in faith and family streaming video, is joining forces with the nation’s top trade publication for homeschooling to help families who are looking to enhance their curriculum and research options.

Starting this month, every free, one-month trial to PureFlix.com will also include access to SchoolhouseTeachers.com (a division of The Old Schoolhouse), which offers more than 300 course choices for preschool through high school.

Additionally, users will be able to explore World Book Online, a renowned encyclopedia series, to assist with any research projects, reports, etc. The World Book content is offered in 10 sections (or “libraries”) which are separated by grades and subjects.

Both resources will be available at no cost to users for three months.

“The combination of our 6,500 video titles and the resources available via SchoolhouseTeachers.com makes this a valuable, winning proposition for homeschoolers,” said Greg Gudorf, CEO of Pure Flix.com. “We’re excited to be working with experts in the homeschool space and providing families the educational resources and support they need.”

Both companies are grounded in the same Biblical worldview and the desire to inspire homeschool families through creative content and curriculums.

“We’re so excited to be working with PureFlix.com because we both want to inspire homeschool families,” said Gena Suarez, publisher of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. “This alliance between the two companies will open so many doors for families looking to enhance how their children learn, no matter their ages.”

PureFlix.com continues to recognize the importance of homeschool families. Earlier this year, the company offered a curriculum guide to parents to help navigate the available streaming videos, which assist in such areas as science, history, geography, Biblical studies, and more.

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