Mary Mary Final Season Episode 1 Lesson

Erica Campbell and Tina Campbell debuted the  fifth season of Mary Mary on WeTv with a strong kickoff.

The season opened up with Warren still wanting a Mary Mary album and each Mary off doing her own thing. We  see Erica enjoying her new radio show and solo career. Tina is loving her solo career and being a web series producer. As usual, there is the question that follows them everywhere.

When will see the reuniting of Mary Mary as a group?

The season premiere put that question on front street in a huge way. The tourism bureau of Israel wants the Marys to come and perform.  Erica and Tina are excited but, new music dropping from both of them pose the ladies with the ever apparent fact that they will be battling each other on the charts.

Warren thinking that it would be a great thing to take the ladies back to their early studio would spur the inspiration to get the Marys to revisit  writing a new album.

This week’s episode points out a salient lesson that we rarely ever think about. Moving forward sometimes puts us at odds with others around us. How do we move forward and maintain the identity that has placed us at the present?

1- Embrace the Blessings and how you received them.

You realize where you have been has made you what you are and has afforded you some benefits. Accepting the invitation to Israel as Mary Mary allowed them to bless their family with a trip to Israel.

2- You affirm those around you that, no matter the circumstance, your changes don’t negate their worth.

People need to know they still matter and that you value that relationship. Seeing Tina and Erica acknowledge their past in the studio was beautiful.

3- You focus on change and keep moving forward and encourage others to come along with you on the journey.

Tina insisted on not claiming anything negative. Erica  listened to her listeners and responded with grace when all they anted to talk about is Mary Mary.

Here is a sneak peek at next week’s episode.

Don’t miss the final season of Mary Mary on  Thursday night on WeTV at 9pm ET/PT.

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