Retired Schoolteacher Offers Spiritual Tool for Busy Parents

In Blessings, My ChildGinger Payne equips parents and caregivers with a practical tool that builds a solid spiritual foundation with the children in their lives.

Everyone raising a child understands the challenge of juggling work and family responsibilities. Then add to it the desire to raise children who will love and serve God for the rest of their lives. It can feel overwhelming.

Many grown-ups want to communicate this message and build a spiritual relationship with their children, but lack confidence, feel ill-equipped, or don’t have the time to actually follow through on their intentions.

What began with a handful of blessings, written by a retired schoolteacher, grew into a book that engages both children and adults. Blessings, My Child includes:

  • 101 biblically-based messages of love from God that nourish the soul of the young reader—and its corresponding Scripture
  • Over 300 discussion questions written from God’s perspective that bolster the spiritual relationship between the adult and child
  • 101 full-color illustrations that engage the young reader and provide material for further discussion
  • Written so children 6-10 years old can read it out loud.

All of this can be completed in as little as 10 minutes a day.

“Writing Blessings, My Child wasn’t on the radar screen when I started,” Ginger Payne confesses. “I began by writing blessings for the children at two orphanages in Kenya that my husband and I help support. They were written as if God was speaking directly to each child. I wanted the children to know how much God loved and cared about them.”

In a grown-up world of dos and don’ts, kids need to hear a powerful, life-changing message: God deeply and unconditionally loves them. Regardless of what they do.

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