The Catholic League Takes On The Other Side Of Censoring Halloween

When slanderous assaults are made against the Catholic Church, the Catholic League hits the newspapers, television, and radio talk shows defending the right of the Church to promote its teachings with as much verve as any other institution in society. The charge is led by Catholic League president Bill Donohue.
Mr. Bill Donohue  shared a few candid thoughts about the efforts to censor Halloween:

No place in America is supposed to be a bastion of free speech more than a college campus, but it gave up that mantle long ago. Next week it will go into high gear—it has already begun—banning Halloween costumes deemed offensive. Offensive to whom? Liberal sensibilities, of course.

Last month, Disney pulled its “Moana” costume after charges of racism surfaced. No one should read this as a statement against bigotry: Disney has a long history of making anti-Catholic movies and television shows.

When Jewish groups complained about a new costume for girls, “Anne Frank,” it was quickly taken off the Internet. The apologies were plentiful.

Amazon was selling its Oscar Pistorius “Blade Gunner” costume until, that is, it was accused of insensitivity.

Typing “Halloween priest costumes” in the Yahoo search engine yields pages and pages of listings. Typing “Halloween transgender costumes” yields practically nothing, save for complaints about them.

This is political correctness run amuck. More to come on priest costumes.

Very ineresting to hear is take.

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