Second Sunday of Advent’s Lesson: The Holy Spirit Can Transform You

I have baptized you with water; he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit.”- Matthew 1:8

Advents second Sunday really calls us to spend time contemplating the Holy Spirit.

John’s baptism was for repentance – turning away from sin and taking on a new way of life according to God’s word. Our baptism in Jesus Christ by water and the Spirit results in a new birth and entry into God’s kingdom as his beloved sons and daughters (John 3:5).

The Lord Jesus comes to baptize each one of us in his Holy Spirit so that we may walk in his truth and holiness and radiate the joy of the Gospel to all we meet. God’s word has power to change and transform our lives so that we may be lights that point others to Jesus Christ.

Like John the Baptist, we too are called to give testimony to the light and truth of Christ.Jesus promised His disciples that when He left, He would send them the very special gift of God’s Holy Spirit. They looked forward to the gift, even though they didn’t understand exactly what it would be like to have it.

After all, Jesus promised that having this gift would be better than having Him right there with them! This would be SOME gift!  He said they would be empowered to go and teach, love and heal.

Do you point others to Jesus Christ in the way you live, speak, and treat others?

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