Your New Year’s Resolution List & Products To Help You Keep Them

New Year Resolutions are hard to keep. I have a fun list that will make everything easy, or at least simple.

  1. Read a Book A Month:  Commit to reading just one book a month this year and with a subscription from Once Upon A Book Club.This will be one New Year’s Resolution that you will be happy to keep! Once Upon A Book Club has the PERFECT motivation by including little gifts not meant to be opened until certain pages.  Take some time away for yourself and enter the magical world of reading that Once Upon a Book Club has created.
  2. Eliminate Chemicals in your everyday products:  Come on, it is 2018 and finally there is an all natural deodorant that actually works, smells good, and doesn’t feel clumpy or greasy.  Check out Sway All-Natural Deodorant and give up chemicals, stink AND Streaks!!





3. Travel More:  We can’t help you with the finances of that, but Seat Sitters can make sure you arrive healthy to your destination.  It takes less than 30 seconds to envelop your airplane space in sanitized delight! Open the compact package, unfold the seat cover and stretch it over the top of the seat, sit down and relax.  Unwrap the included wipes and sanitize the arm rests and tray table.  Easy as that you have taken necessary steps to keep yourself healthy and protected from MRSA, eColi and other pesky germs you could encounter on your flight.

4. Shop From Socially Responsible Companies!  We need to support companies who are making a difference in the world and contributing to the better good.  When it comes to buying for your baby, Pink Elephant Organics understands the importance of high fashion and responsibility to our farmers, consumers and eco systems.  Cotton farming uses the most chemicals in all human grown plants and less than 1% of the world’s cotton farming is organic.  They also give a percentage of their profits to numerous organizations.  My other favorite kiddo product that is doing good, is Adora Play.  They are award winning dolls that are BPA Free, Non-Toxic and Hypo Allergenic.  Adora regularly visits Children’s Hospitals, Fire Station Drop Offs, Military Bases, Remote Villages and Local families in need believing it is their responsibility to help create a healthy and nurturing future for all.

5.It wouldn’t be a New Year’s Resolution list without Exercise:  Exercise can be boring and it is so hard to motivate. Not with these rockstar workout clothes from Evicii, and these 
Dope Yoga mats from Dat Mat!!  You will be running to the gym & yoga studio with these gems!












6. Eat Healthy!  Blah, Blah, Blah.  Take out the blah, with PBfit.  This healthy peanut butter hack has 90% less fat and 1/3 the calories of traditional peanut butter. This amazing product will change your life.  Put this miracle powder in smoothies for protein, use it for baking and in all your recipes that call for peanut butter and you will only feel like you are cheating!





7. Eat at Home and save some dough!  Make eating at home a real party with this brand new, pantented appliance from Nuni.  You will be inviting the whole neighborhood over for Taco Tuesday.  You can heat six tortillas at a time.  No more standing over the
stove heating one by one.  You will want tacos every day!


8.Protect yourself from the Sun:  Yes the sun’s rays can be harsh, but you will look so cool protecting your head and face with these on trend trucker hats from George Hats.  Babies as small as 1.5 months can rock these fabulous hats and moms, dads and grandparents can twin with their kiddos!  Have fun and stay safe!




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