Pureflix.Com Ushers in the New Year with New, Original Series ‘Malibu Dan’

PureFlix.com, the leader in faith and family streaming video, has the perfect antidote for the winter blues: the sunny, new sitcom “Malibu Dan-The Family Man.”

Starring David A.R. White as television talk show host Dan Marshall, “Malibu Dan” is PureFlix.com’s latest original series and the company’s ninth since mid-2015. The 13-episode series launches tomorrow and is available exclusively on PureFlix.com.

The show follows the exploits of White, and how he tries to navigate his personal and professional life—with varying degrees of success.

Along with White, the show stars Kelly Stables as Dan’s wife, with Andrea Logan White, Lauren Harper, Kevin Downes, Brad Heller and others.

John O’Hurley, Robin Givens, Victoria Jackson, Erik Estrada and Antonio Sabato Jr. all make guest appearances.

“Our audience appreciates our commitment to clean content and the high production values of our original series,” said PureFlix.com CEO Greg Gudorf. “I’m thrilled to be starting the new year with ‘Malibu Dan’ because it delivers on both of those elements, along with providing a couple of laughs along the way.”

“Malibu Dan” follows PureFlix.com’s latest original series “Hilton Head Island,” which debuted in late fall 2017 and became one of the most-watched series on the platform. It was the first streaming “hope” opera and followed the lives of the fictional Trisk family. While it featured plenty of power plays and family drama, it also focused on the family’s faith and power of prayer.

All 13 episodes of “Malibu Dan” will be available starting tomorrow.

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