Catholic Medical Association Calls Confirmation of HHS Secretary a Major Victory

Calling Alex Azar’s appointment a critical step in ensuring the protection of life and conscience rights the Catholic Medical Association (CMA), declared it another pro-life victory by the Trump administration.

Azar, a graduate of Yale Law School clerked for pro-life Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. The former pharmaceutical executive, was a deputy secretary for Health and Human Services (HHS), under President George W. Bush and familiar with pro-life issues at the department. Azar is President Trump’s latest pro-life nominee to head a critical department with significant sway over abortion and conscience protection issues. He will oversee a new division for conscience and religious freedom protection critical to protecting pro-life physicians and other health care workers. Azar will also oversee Affordable Care Act (ACA), programs including taxpayer funding of abortions.

“We are energized by Mr. Azar’s nomination and encouraged by his leadership. HHS will continue to support a pro-life agenda that includes protecting unborn children, those facing end of life issues and securing a physician’s right to practice medicine without fear of being forced to violate their conscience,” said Catholic Medical Association President, Dr. Peter T. Morrow.

Azar said he is committed to fighting the opioid crisis plaguing countless American families across the nation and proactively taking regulatory steps to lower drug prices by supporting generic choices.

The new HHS chief has been critical of the Affordable Care Act and will likely lead the charge in the administration’s plans to dismantle the ACA and have a significant hand in reshaping the U.S. health care system.

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