The Pro-Football Wife: Fired, Hired, And Stressed Out , Get a New Friend

As the Eagles and the Patriots  battle in Minneapolis, a sports subculture is tackling a different challenge. Women are uprooting their families (again), moving them from there to where. They are the wives of NFL husbands fired, or hired by or traded to other teams at the end of the season. As veteran NFL wife Lori Warhop says, “It’s the lifestyle. You’re fired, hired, and always stressed out this time of year.”

Lori is married to George Warhop, offensive line coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Over George’s 25-year career, Lori has moved her family 11 times, handling it all on her own, and becoming an expert in Making Stuff Happen. Now, Lori brings that expertise to women like her with a first-of-its-kind business: Living Pro Sports, a members-only website supporting sports spouses on the move; and its logistics arm, Moving Pro Sports.

“Few teams offer relocation guidance for the traded player and family on the move,” says Lori. “They might provide a list of restaurants and churches. Beyond that? Nothing like local knowledge or insight. Trustworthy movers? Preferred Realtors? The good schools? Doctors? This has always been up to the sports wife to figure out.” Until now.

Living Pro Sports went live over a year ago, and Moving Pro Sports was a natural progression. “To really be of service to our member, we realized we should just offer the insider service she needs, that no one provides.” Teaming with veteran relocation expert Cindi Cross of Cross Global Management, Lori launched Moving Pro Sports at the end of 2017, just in time for what she jokingly calls “NFL firing season.”

Living Pro Sports provides moral support and insight. Moving Pro Sports provides a tiered service for everyone from the DIY’er to the Champion who wants white-glove service. Insurance for championship jerseys and rings? Available. Want a Realtor who doesn’t smell blood in the water after finding out your husband’s profession? They know vetted pros. When the pro-sports wife wants someone on her team? Living Pro Sports and Moving Pro Sports make it happen.

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