Elevation Worship Releases New Album

Elevation Collective, a new project from Elevation Worship, releases today in partnership with several award-winning artists in Christian music to bring a fresh take on Elevation Worship songs.

The 8-track project features members of Elevation Worship, Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Israel HoughtonTravis Greene, Tye TribbettKierra Sheard, and The Walls Group.

“I’m excited because I dig these songs,” says producer Israel Houghton. “I’ve seen over the last couple of Elevation [Worship] records, certain songs really resonating with churches worldwide – but certainly with multicultural churches – which I get excited about… so to be able to reimagine those songs has been exciting.”

“We’ve seen the impact our songs have made beyond the walls of our church,” says Chris Brown of Elevation Worship. “We’ve seen them reach people in different churches, led in different styles and arrangements, and it’s inspired us to partner with some amazing artists to discover new expressions of some of our favorite songs.”

The album cover depicts a picture of the historic Polegreen Church (also known as “Ghost Church”) located in Hanover County, Virginia, an American memorial to religious and civil liberty. “What we loved about Ghost Church is that it doesn’t have walls, which is something we wanted to communicate through this album,” explains Ryan Hollingsworth, designer for Elevation Worship. “Our hope is to remove the barriers and walls the church has built up, and promote unity across believers.”

Elevation Collective is now available worldwide wherever digital music is sold.

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