8 Track By Track Deep Dive Into Snoop Dogg’s Gospel Trek

This is not the first time a well known rapper to  sing out to the Lord. Snoop Dogg has long proclaimed his faith.

“The record’s all about love from start to finish. That’s the way you change the world, by putting love in it.”- Snoop Dogg

The tracks are amazing. First, here are few fascinating notes.

  1. Snoop  worked on every track.
  2. He has the who’s who of gospel on these tracks.
  3. The tracks are more than a banging beat but a inspiring message.

Here is a track by track walk through ‘Bible of Love’

Blessing Me‘  featuring Rance Allen is a amazing toe tapper. Of course, Rance Allen is amazing, but the musical arrangement on this track is great. If you saw the SuperBowl Gospel concert you would have heard this track. It is just as lively when you listen to the recorded version.

Words Are Few is a mellow pocket track. It features controversial artist B. Slade. I personally think this is the weakest track. It lacks any real lift in it.  It sounds very plated and framed to what you would expect a ‘an urban’ track to sound like. I can see why this track would be added to the project, I just don’t think it showcases the best of either artist.

Blessed and Highly Favored‘ features the amazing The Clark Sisters. This song is definitely a worthy loop track. The best part of the song is the infectious chorus that takes you back  musically to the days of Bill Withers and ‘Lovely Day’.

Call Him‘ featuring Fred Hammond is just a smash hit.  The track is lush and filled with vocal treats.  The track reminds you of an old gospel song ‘You Bring The Sunshine’. It is a track that can cross into the clubs and easily be a dance worthy track. Fred Hammond could sing a nation into repentance on this track.

‘One More Day‘ featuring Charlie Wilson. This song will be played on the radio. This is my favorite track.  It is filled with a tambourine cal and response that brings you back to the early days of traditional gospel. It is hope filled and musically sound. Uncle Charlie delivers.  The song is fresh, contemporary and not preachy.

You’  featuring Tye Tribett. Any track featuring Tye Tribett  can make you bop your head. This track has everything that hip hop fans can get in to.  This song will be around and be added to Youth Praise and Worship meeting around the country for sure. Tye Tribett has a way of taking music and making it relatable to a young audience. The music can inspire kids without making them feel ‘old’.

‘Saved‘ featuring Faith Evans. Faith revisits her church choir days on this track.  Snoop  takes you all the way there with Faith’s soaring vocals and takes full advantage of her vocal range. The best part is that you don’t feel like she is ‘screaming’ at you.  We all know there  are singers who you feel just scream at you to ‘make you feel the spirit’. This is not one of those.

Sunshine Feel Good‘ featuring Kim Burrell. Snoop has a way to tell a story that brings you in and makes you smile. This track delivers.Snoop raps, ‘A lot people do me wrong, but I want do the right thing.’  and you are pulled in to the song and grooving.  Kim Burrell’s vocals are jazz filled on this track. By fat this track mixes the best of jazz and hip hop. It’s a nice mix.

Snoop credits his late grandmother, Dorothy Tate, with introducing him to gospel music and inspiring him to finally release a gospel project. He says, “I am blessed to have so many legendary friends join me on this journey. As the country is in one of its heaviest times and is so divided, I wanted to make an album that spreads love and unity around the world. That’s what I was taught, so that’s all I know. Real love.”

Overall, I think this album can introduce a brand new audience to Gospel’s best talent. It also introduces new favor to the genre. Music needs to evolve. All music needs something fresh from time to time. I think this album is coming at the right time with the right feel and context.

The release is going to have a total of 32  tracks.


It will feature tracks that promise sure crossover gold with the following tracks:

  • Changed (feat Isaac Carree and Jazze Pha)
  • When It’s All Over (feat. Patti LaBelle)
  • Change the World (feat. John P Kee)
  • Come As You Are (feat. Marvin Sapp and  Mary Mary)

You can can order your-copy from the following Pre-order Links:

Apple Music: smarturl.it/BOLAM
iTunes: smarturl.it/BOLI

It gets my  A+ rating.

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