A Modest Woman’s 2018 Oscar Outfit Picks

When you think Hollywood, you don’t necessarily think fashion do. There were a few dresses that were at the 2018 Oscar  that a modest woman could wear-without feeling like she was out of touch and offending her religious beliefs.

Here are some stunning picks that you or I would feel great in.

In the ‘Mature and Classy Look‘ . Just because you are an elder, you don’t have to evaporate or go sit in rocking chair.

Her politics aside she has come a long way for women actresses.  Jane Fonda is 80 years old folks.  Look at her couture dress.  It was just perfect.


If you are just modest and do not want to show any skin,but want a little glamour Frances


Ms.Moreno at 86 was just stunning.


In the ‘Just Right for my Age’ category, that shows off that I can still look great in mid-life.

Emily Blunt is wearing Schiaparelli Haute Couture It’s light, fun and  comfortable. There was no tugging or pulling to remain covered.


Ms. Salma Hayek in custom Gucci showed that you can in your fifties and not look dowdy by any means. I think we need to give up the idea that because you are middle aged, you can’t go for polished beauty.



Finally, Frances McDormand wore a simple glitzy dress with no makeup and no fuss. Who can argue with her no nonsense look. 


Ms. Mira Sorvino just blew me away with her dress. I would wear it in a heartbeat. It had the femininity, sweetness and demureness that most of us strive for when we have an event to attend.


In the Young Lady with Polish Category, the hands down winner was Zendaya. Wow! Just wow! This young lady always hits her fashion mark. She dresses her age with a dash of class  She was wearing Giambattista Valli Haute Couture


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