From Thug To Hero ‘Paul Apostle of Christ’ Cast Explains How Film Keeps It Real {VIDEO}

The new film ‘Paul Apostle Of Christ’ introduces Paul going through his journey of carrying his cross of life.

Paul, whose original name was Saul, took the name familiar to us after his conversion to Christianity. Paul never met Jesus during his brief years of minister.
According to Acts 9, 22 and 26, a conversion experience. Saul was traveling to the city of Damascus when he saw a bright light and heard Jesus’ voice saying “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?” He fell from his horse, blinded. Days later, after a visit from the Christian disciple Ananias, he recovered his eyesight and began to preach Jesus’ gospel.
He wrote thirteen letters, or epistles, of the New Testament begin with a formula like “Paul, servant of God, to [recipient’s name].” However, some liberal scholars believe that as many as half of these letters might not have been written by Paul. Many, like 2 Thessalonians, may have been from the “School of Paul”–either dictated by Paul or written by people who came after him and shared his theology.
Luke is only mentioned by name three times in Scripture, and all three references are in Paul’s letters: Colossians 4, 2 Timothy 4, and Philemon 1.

The new film displays the truth is a way that does not sugar coat anything.Bound in chains, Paul’s struggle is internal. He has survived so much—floggings, shipwreck, starvation, stoning, hunger and thirst, cold and exposure—yet as he waits for his appointment with death, he is haunted by the shadows of his past misdeeds. Alone in the dark, he wonders if he has been forgotten . . . and if he has the strength to finish well. Two men struggle against a determined emperor and the frailties of the human spirit in order to bequeath the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.

Listen to the cast chat about the new film.

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