New Book Proves a Life Without Any Insecurity or Worry Is Possible

Imagine a day where you lived worry-free. Where none of your everyday struggles held you back. John Kaites believes such a day is possible.

Through dedicated work, deep faith and trust in God, a day without fear is within reach. Now Kaites looks to show readers how they can achieve this powerful state with “Fear Not: Two Weeks of Living Boldly into God’s Authentic Confidence.”

“Fear Not” is an informative tool that urges readers to live fearlessly and rest completely in God’s love. Kaites divides his book into 14 chapters that can easily be read within two weeks. He uses this 14-day period to promote a powerful, internal transformation that moves readers away from distress and towards God’s wisdom.

Kaites examines the foundations of a fearless life while also exploring the tools needed to promote Christian principles. “Fear Not” includes a devotional structure and features small action steps that can be practiced each day. Additionally, this influential work presents scientific information regarding the brain and how to change one’s focus from pessimism to positivity.

“The heart of the message is to trust your life, body and soul to God,” Kaites said. “He is true love so if you spend your life seeking Him, you will spend your days undergoing a powerful transformation. A path towards God removes fear and replaces it with eternal happiness.”

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