Sunday Spirit Lifter: Snoop Dog and Rance Allen ‘Blessing Me Again’


See when you think about when everybody tells you out
See he the only that prolly really helps you out
I’m talking from experience, you hearing this? (he’s blessing me again)- Snoop Dogg and Rance Allen ‘ Blessing Me Again

True Christians are motivated by this feeling of gratitude. They always have this thankfulness and gratefulness in their daily lives. Why are they grateful? They know that their leader, the Lord Jesus Christ, saved them from death. Christians realize they will all eventually die of old age but they have a strong hope of life after that death. They believe that they will be resurrected and (subject to Jesus final approval) be given eternal life.
How do we thank Jesus and show gratitude for his endurance on the cross – the nails through his hands, the crown of thorns on his head, the scourging, the thirst, the last breath before death. We show our gratitude through the daily sacrifice of our time and effort.

We show it through not giving in to those temptations that we face on a daily basis. We show it through helping those in need – the aged and infirm. We show it through teaching others about God and his son Jesus. We show it through loving our neighbor.

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