Bishop Carlton Pearson’s Challenging Time Comes To Netflix

Netflix film based on the life of a former evangelical megachurch pastor, who rejected belief in Hell and in doing so lost his congregation, released on Sunday a trailer clip featuring a heated debate on God and people in eternal damnation.

The clip from the upcoming “Come Sunday” film features actor Chiwetel Ejiofor playing preacher Carlton Pearson, who at one point in the 1990s led Higher Dimensions Evangelistic Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

As the clip shows, Pearson asks one church elder during a debate whether he would not save his own father in Hell, to which the elder says that it is not up to him, but to God. Pearson insists that anyone would try to save their father, no matter what they had done, and asks “Are we more merciful than God?”

You can watch it now.

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