Can Faith and Reason Coexist – for Anyone?

, by Gonzaga University professors Dr. Brian Clayton and Dr. Douglas Kries, seeks to give the reader a non-dogmatic look into the contours of the relationship between faith and reason, showing that a relationship between the two can lead to a more complete view of human existence.

TWO WINGS was born out of the authors’ desire to share the fruits of their university course titled “Faith and Reason” with a wider audience and written intentionally with a style that makes points deliverable to non-experts. The authors got the name of their book from the beginning of Fides et Ratio, the 1998 encyclical by Pope Saint John Paul II, which reads, “Faith and reason are like two wings on which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth.”

Clayton and Kries address concerns that came up often in the classroom about truth, the presence of evil, the existence of God and natural science. TWO WINGS concludes with a discussion on virtue, ethics and politics, examining how these questions impact the way individuals and communities chose to structure their lives.

“A powerful and wide-ranging response to the view that faith and reason are mere opposites — and not both vital powers of a well-formed heart, mind and soul,” Robert Royal, president of the Faith and Reason Institute and author of A Deeper Vision, says of TWO WINGS. “Clayton and Kries have made good use of their long experience in the classroom to provide accessible yet solid commentary on God, man, thought, cosmology, modern biology, the moral life, life in community and much more.”

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