2018 Winning Titles of the Christian Indie Awards

Christian Small Publishers Association (CSPA) is pleased to announce the winning titles for the 2018 Christian Indie Awards. The Christian Indie Awards honor books produced by small publishers and independent authors each year for outstanding contribution to Christian life.

Book lovers and retailers selling Christian products voted on the nominated titles in each of thirteen categories. “Independent publishers and small presses often publish unique books with story themes or topics that touch readers in new and profound ways,” says Sarah Bolme, the Director of Christian Small Publishers Association, the sponsor of the award. “The Christian Indie Awards brings these books recognition.”

The winners in each of the thirteen categories are:

Waiting for Butterflies, Karen Sargent, Walrus Publishing, 978-1940442204

Historical Fiction:
Solve by Christmas, Amber Schamel, Vision Writer Publications, 978-0999176726

An Improper Proposal, Davalynn Spencer, 978-0998951201

Christian Living:
Pizza With Jesus (No Black Olives), P.J. Frick, Lighthouse Christian Publishing, 978-1546901709

Bible Study / Theology:
The Supremacy of Christ, Dr. William McCarrell and Rev. Richard McCarrell, Grace Acres Press, 978-1602650428

Delight Thyself Also In The Lord, Delight Thyself Design Ministries, Delight In Him Publications, 978-0999517505

Biography / Memoir:
Go West: 10 Principles that Guided My Cowboy Journey, Jeremy Sparks, Elevate Publishing,

Relationships / Family:
Helicopter Mom, Bethany L. Douglas, 978-0983928867

Children’s (age 4 to 8):
Made for a Purpose, Kristie Wilde, Wilde Art Press, 978-0997482805

Children’s (age 8 to 12):
The Kool Kids & The Land Of The Giants, James Tate, author, Jay Reed, illustrator, Beyond W8 Loss, LLC, 978-0999131503

Young Adult (age 12+):
Huntress (Life After Book 1), Julie Hall, 978-0998986708

Gift Book:
Fear Not: You are in Partnership with God To Manage His Creation, Jose Bonilla, 978-1544144870

Christian Education:
Leading by Example: A Parental Guide To Teaching and Modeling Christian Faith At Home, Rev. Dr. Tim Tooten, Sr., 978-1545605318

Christian Indie Awards was previously called the Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year Award.

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