New Book Highlights the Importance of Developing Spiritual Ambitions

God does not condemn anyone, god is all love and happy when those who are lost in the darkness find their way back home again. It is you who put yourself in hell or in heaven. You choose what kind of a person you want to be, and where you want be. The keys for heaven’s gates are inside of you right now. If you do not use them while you are here in your physical form; when you pass away you will realize that you have not advanced forward.

Just  as with any other ambition in our lives, Tom Schulte realized the importance of having spiritual ambitions as a Christian in order to strengthen his relationship with God and his faith. In his new book, he encourages others to do the same, so as not to drift from one spiritual activity to another in the quest to achieve those ambitions.

In “Spiritual Ambitions: How Rich Do You Want to Be in Eternity?” Schulte outlines specific spiritual ambitions that he developed through his personal practice, such as hearing the gentle wind of God or inspiring others to obtain fruit for God’s kingdom.

Using examples from scripture, Schulte analyzes what the Bible says about our spiritual ambitions as well as how we should pursue them. He also urges readers to develop their own relationship with God through prayer.

“The devil’s goal is to distract us from our ambitions,” Schulte said. “Being strong in our values can help ensure that we see through to God’s ultimate mission. He is ultimately the one who wants these ambitions for us.”

In “Spiritual Ambitions,” Christians will find comfort in strengthening their relationship with God to ensure their spiritual success and prosperity.


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