Media Mogul Mona Scott-Young Announces the Launch of Monami Direct and Debut Novel

Blurred Lines: A Novel by [Scott-Young, Mona, Parker, Courtney] Scott Young, Executive Producer of VH1’s hit franchise “Love & Hip Hop” and CEO of Monami Entertainment, announces the launch of straight-to-consumer digital platform, Monami Direct, in conjunction with the release of her debut novel, “Blurred Lines” (Monami Direct Hardcover/Paperback/eBook; On Sale: June 26, 2018$24.95; ISBN: 978-1939126313). “Blurred Lines” is co-written by New York Times bestselling author and television producer Courtney Parker.

As an adept marketer, Scott-Young understands the influence that artists and brands can leverage to develop a deeper connection with their audience; an expertise evidenced by the success of her highly rated Love & Hip-Hop franchise–lauded as the #1 Most Social Show on Cable.

With the rapid growth of social media and constant advancements in e-commerce functionality, Monami Direct delivers innovative direct-to-consumer technology to offer a richer and more robust transactional experience. Blurred Lines, the highly anticipated first offering from Monami Direct, is a unique demonstration of a brand extension designed to engage fans beyond their core experience.

Says Scott-Young, “‘Blurred Lines’ is a page-turning, juicy story of love, lies and betrayal set in the world of music and entertainment–all themes that our viewers are familiar with, but the novel will take readers ‘beyond the reality’ and delve further into the compelling storytelling they have come to know and love. We’re thrilled and excited to deepen the relationship with our existing fans and look forward to connecting with a whole new audience.”

Long-time Scott-Young friend and creative collaborator, Courtney Parker states, “As an author and television producer, I’ve blurred the lines of storytelling my entire career and it made total sense to build on that concept with our aptly titled novel, Blurred Lines. It’s a dramatically layered story that isn’t bound by the limits of reality television.”

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