4 Illuminating Concepts Erica Campbell’s New Show ‘We’re The Campbells’ Can Guide Us Through

WE’RE THE CAMPBELLS is the new nine episode docu-series will give viewers an intimate glimpse into the lives of Gospel entertainment’s  power couple Warryn and Erica Campbell, as they tackle the everyday struggles that come with balancing family and work, nurturing their marriage, building their individual careers, and fostering their faith; all while raising their three children Warryn, Zaya and teenager Krista.

I have had the privilege of having several conversations with Erica over the years. I have always been inspired by her and how she does it all. The new show touches key points  that we all should take to heart as women.

Here are 5  illuminating moments we should focus in on.

1- It’s okay to be a wife that loves her husband. I am sorry to say that much of docu-series land, reality and drama tv depict women in abject misery after they have been married for a few years. Erica is not that woman. She loves her husband and loves her marriage.  She displays that full heartedly. Most shows in the air now show a woman who is constantly questioning why she is married. You see that marriage takes work, but you need to want to do the work and not be selfish.

2- She’s a praying woman. We all knew Erica was a praying woman from her life on the Mary Mary show. Erica has had to pray her way out of illness, career struggle and the death of a parent. Each time she has done it as a woman of faith.

3- She runs her business with an ethical approach. When I chose Erica as a woman of faith who changes the game, I knew what I was looking at. She has kept a good faithful eye on what she would do and what she won’t do and how that affects the kingdom. It’s great to see that a little more in-depth on-screen. We see many women on-screen promote their businesses, but they don’t do so with any ethical ideology behind it. Erica wants to bring people to the kingdom and she is not ashamed of that. It is refreshing to see a woman who isn’t just ‘chasing her coin.’

4- She is a mother, wife and woman that wants to lead her family and you to better things. Erica is not an actress who puts on airs. She is honest, direct and forthcoming.  She will tell you the truth. It may not be something you may want to hear, but she will ask you the questions that will make you think about the choices. She and I once had a heart to heart discussion about a personal issue I was having and  we chatted for a bit about it but by the time the conversation was over we had come to some clear concise decisions. Orethapedia.com  was born out of that intense conversation. She listens and talks you through it. I think her role as  First Lady is a perfect fit. This show will offer folks a chance to have heart to heart discussions.

I welcome this new show to the air because it will be a breath or fresh air to womanhood.

Here is your first extended look:

‘WE’RE THE CAMPBELLS’ premieres  on TVOne on Tuesday, June 19 at 8 p.m. ET/7C. I will be there live tweeting as usual. Make sure to follow @orethapedia on twitter



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