Robert T. Fertig announces the launch of his latest book, Guardianship Reality.

“Guardianship Reality by Robert T. Fertig offers readers the perfect picture of what guardianship looks like in the United States, a work that showcases the author’s extensive experience in dealing with the protection of the most vulnerable people in society — the children and the elderly. … Readers are introduced to a wide range of case studies, insightful and well-meaning tips and advice, and a critical look at the legal system and its processes when it comes to Guardianship. …” –Christian Sia for Readers’ Favorite (A five star rating).

“Buzz Aldrin has walked on the moon and received the Distinguished Flying Cross in the Korean War and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. At 88, the former astronaut has visited the White House to discuss space exploration, and envisions humans living on Mars. His legacy in space is secure. On earth it’s another matter.” (WSJ June 25th, 2018).

“The problem with our venerable elderly (and children) is that many elderly, such as Buzz Aldrin, have NOT fully planned for their “Golden Years,” in terms of who they really trust to make critical decisions about finances and especially healthcare. One really needs a qualified expert to handle these complex tasks. As a result, too many cases of exploitation of the elderly have recently occurred,” says author Robert T. Fertig. “In fact, my wife and I have another expert healthcare surrogate (HCS), who will make decisions for us, if we become incapacitated.”

“… Readers will get used to the principles that allow them to provide great quality and good service to those put under their care, the legal implications of their service, and how to make the best decisions for the welfare of children and the elderly. Guardianship Reality is a book written by [experts] in the field, and there is no doubt that the author[s] have put a lot of research into this work. The book features many legal references, explores the law in this domain, and provides compelling social commentaries. It is the first book I have read about guardianship and it was eye-opening.” — Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite.

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