Similar in style to his 2016 film, The Original Image of Divine Mercy, diSilva knows how to tell a story — as narrator Alana Newman relates her own story, connected with the history of the last 50 years, while driving in a vintage Volkswagen van. This visual motif keeps the sexual revolution history — where we started, where we’ve ended up presently, and where we should be heading — rolling along. The functional songs throughout also underscore the theme. years in the making, SEXUAL REVOLUTION seeks to examine the effects of the free-love experiment of the hippie generation and the prophetic encyclical, Humanae Vitae.

This beautiful documentary closely examines the history of the parallel developments of the Pill and modern Natural Family Planning (NFP) by telling the little known story of the founding doctors – Dr. Gregory Goodwin Pincus and Drs. John & Evelyn Billings – all of whom were once colleagues.

Here is an extended look:

The centerpiece of the film is the dramatic life story of Alana Newman, a talented secular musician who gives up her entire musical career for life, family, and love.

Alana shares how through desperation to know her father, she finally discovers the treasures of Theology of the Body, Humanae Vitae, and the riches of true freedom through a dramatic conversion.


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